Become an evo3 Ambassador 

Our absolute speciality, offering you a tailored subscription.


Become an ambassador of evo3 olive farms, become an ambassador of social entrepreneurship, become an ambassador to sustainability. There is no better gift for an olive oil friend, nor is there a better way to get your olive oil adventure started, than bringing evo3 to your home on a regular basis. As a thank you, we will plant 10 trees (not only 1 per product) on your behalf and send you a tree planting certificate with every subscription box.





Step 1


Choose subscription package, enter details, go to cart and complete purchase.



Step 2



Each month, on your chosen delivery date, your subscription will include the olive oil package you chose. Olive oil is best consumed fresh to get the full health benefits. This is why we work on a monthly basis.


Elite package includes not only the olive oil but also our recipe of the month, pairing tips, as well as a special gift, all included! 


Step 3


If you haven’t consumed your olive oil when it comes to your renewal time, defer it for another month and get it the next month!


As usual, each product is from our signature reserve coming from the family olive groves on Lesvos, Greece, always in season, and at the best stage of its life.

Package 1:

Bottle of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml  


Package 2:


Can of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 litre 


Elite Package:


Bottle of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, recipe of the month, pairing tips, special gift! 


Why Subscribe?



A Monthly Subscription means you're getting the best olive oil at the best price. Get extra perks as well, with a surprise specialist product in every box!



We may be biased but we firmly believe that the creating an ethical and sustainable brand creates ethical and sustainable customers.  Sourced at the grove and traceable all the way to the table. 



We're subscription and olive oil specialists. Our product means you'll embark on your own unique olive oil journey. Trust us, it's the best around.



Indulging yourself means supporting us.  When you support us, we thrive and the social butterfly effect occurs.  We love our loyal ambassadors.