Delicate Taste



Acidity ranges from 0.3-0.4%



1L Can

This olive oil is an exceptional quality olive oil made from the same olive blend of our organic olive oils. The difference is that these olives are harvested in groves that do not follow our strict organic farming methods, but do follow our sustainable and rigorous selection for production.The olives are carefully hand-picked from the Camatsos estate on Lesvos, Greece, always respecting the local ecosystem.

The flavor is delicate, and its acidity ranges between 0.3-0.4%. It is a robust olive oil as it not only can be used for garnishing foods, but it can also be used to cook as well. It is also versatile, with aromas of ripe fruit, green grass, tomato. Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, green grass, sweetness, light bitterness and pungency and notes of hay.